We can offer a range of hosting packagess to suit all needs.

We can deal with domain name registration and management. We can register your domain name and arrange DNS for you website. Prices may vary dependant on outside agencies but typically from 7.50 + VAT. All account access with ftp and telnet for commercial use from 40 + VAT per year. Whatever your technology we can help. We have PHP, MySQL, Postgres and Perl supported on all our servers. We can also offer daily traffic statistics for your websites so you can moniter your market. And if you get stuck don't worry, we offer email support for all our services.

If the option for you is not here contact us.

Basic hosting


No frills basic websites installed by us from your media and with 24-7 ftp access hosted from as little as 33 + VAT Per year. A "no-frills" website means a static website with no database backend; no cgi scripting and you may be limited to 400Mb maximum storage.

Standard hosting


Account access with increased storage, ftp and telnet from 37 + VAT per year. Telnet gives improved access and allows on-line editing of webpages and Perl/PHP scripts using a variety of applications available on our servers.

Dynamic hosting


A package that gives you complete control, with the advantage of using one of our database servers. Depending on your choices, prices start from £40 + VAT per year.

Postgres and Perl
Postgres is a SQL-based Oracle look-alike database system. Perl is a scripting language that enables your web site to function as a dynamic application. Perl also provides the means of creating webpages that can access the database functions of Postgres.

We also offer the every popular MySQL database server. This services can include tools such as phpMyAdmin to aid you in the management of your data. Our servers offer the PHP5 scripting language, this allows for the use of new safer functions in connecting to a database.